Daisy Rock Guitar Review: Is it worth it? [2023 Update]

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Daisy Rock Guitar
Daisy Rock Guitar

The Daisy Rock Guitar has unique, colorful, beautiful aesthetics like no other. An excellent sample is this Daisy Rock pink glitter pixie guitar. Of course, there are others such as butterfly, star, heart, etc.

For a teenage girl, any Daisy Rock guitar will be an excellent gift.

Sure, their design is their primary selling point, but is that all there is?

Let’s find out.


  • Looks stunningly unique
  • Bright tone
  • The neck shape is excellent for youngsters
  • Features a piezo electric pickup
  • Lightweight body


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Headstock is a bit heavy

Daisy Rock Guitar Review

Daisy Rock Guitars are known for their astonishing guitar builds. To be frank, I haven’t seen anything like these from a more notorious brand. Hence, it’s bizarre.

The guitar I’m reviewing, in particular, has a pink sparkle finish. There’s also a star-shaped, heart-shaped, etc. One mostly true thing is that kids are more concerned about looks than quality. In other words, getting her a pink guitar might just be the drive she needs to start her music journey.

daisy rock acoustic guitar

Anyway, it features a lightweight body and a slim and narrow guitar neck. Giving its playability an almost perfect score. If you’re a guitar player, you know just how vital neck comfort is, particularly for beginners. 

The composite back and sides are a bummer, though. Unlike the usual wood, it’s made of plastic. In the world of guitars, this is not a good thing. Technically, it’s not a bad thing either.

But get this:

A wood body (laminated or solid) has a better resonance, projection, and tone than a plastic build. 

Other parts, such as the electronics and the hardware, are pretty average. Simply put, they perform their job well—like staying in tune, holding the string in place, etc.—so that’s still a win.

Sound Quality

I didn’t expect much regarding its sound. However, it’s surprisingly good. The daisy rock guitar boasts a rich tone and good projection.

You see, one major factor for uninterest is the crappiness of the sound quality. It may be attractive, but if it doesn’t even sound right, why bother? Indeed, it’s not just amongst kids, even for adults, right?

Luckily, it has a good sound quality. Adequate that your kid won’t get bored by its tone. For adults, it can even be a good practice guitar.

On the flip side, don’t expect anything extraordinary if you’re going to plug it in. It’s okay, but it could be better.

Technical Specifications

Guitar TypeAcoustic Guitar
BrandDaisy Rock
Rating4.1 out of 5
Body Type3/4 Size Guitar
Back & SidesComposite Wood
FinishPink Sparkle
Neck ShapeSlim & Narrow
Scale Length25.25 inches
Hand OrientationRight-handed

Is Daisy Rock Guitar worth it?

Daisy Rock Guitars is a brand that has always been dedicated to empowering female musicians by creating instruments specifically designed to accommodate the female form. Buying a Daisy Rock Guitar now is a great investment for several reasons.

First, their unique, lightweight design makes them incredibly comfortable to play, encouraging longer practice sessions and ultimately, faster progress.

Second, the slim neck profile and shorter scale lengths make it easier for players with smaller hands to navigate the fretboard.

Third, despite their feminine aesthetic, these guitars are built to a high standard, featuring quality components and craftsmanship. Lastly, Daisy Rock Guitars have a unique niche market, which could potentially make them a collector’s item in the future.

Overall, their playability, quality, and potential as a collector’s item make Daisy Rock Guitars a great purchase now.

I’m assuming that this will be a gift for a teenage girl. If that’s the case, then I highly recommend it. One of Daisy Rock’s goals is to encourage more girls to pick up the guitar.

There are a lot of reviews saying their daughters had excellent feedback when they got the guitar.

On another note, if you want a guitar that’s a better value for the money, check out my Best Acoustic Guitar for Kids.

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