Basic Guitar Chords – 10 Easy Chords You Need to Know

As a beginner, the most important thing to learn is the basic guitar chords.

But of all the chords out there, where should you start?

Here’s the deal:

This article will teach you the 10 essential chords that every beginner must learn.

Basic guitar chords (C,A,G,E,D,Em,Dm,Am)
1 = index finger, 2 = middle finger, 3 = ring finger, 4 = pinky finger.

Let’s start with the 8 easy open chords called first position chords. 

These chords are C, D, E, G, A, Dm, Em, Am.

These are usually in the first three frets with some open strings.

Here’s the thing:

I based it on the most commonly used chords in pop songs. So, you’ll probably be using them a lot.

It’s better to start early, right?

G, C, and D Majors

G, C, D Major Chords

If you don’t know how to read chord diagrams, you can learn more about it here.

The fastest way to memorize the chords is to practice. Here are some songs you could try with G, C, and D chord progressions.

A and E Major Chords

A and E Major Chords

You’re getting there, just keep practicing! Here are some songs you could try having only the first five chords:

The minors (Am, Em, and Dm chords)

E A D minor chords

By definition, major and minor are completely opposite things, but in music, not so much.

Better yet:

The main difference between major and minor is “the third” note, which is usually flat.

So, technically most notes in chords or in scales are the same.

As for the sound it makes, major is much livelier or a happier sound than a minor, which produces a sad sound.

Here are some songs you could practice having the basic major and minor chords:

If you’d like to learn more about strumming + songs with easy chords, click here.

Important Barre Chords (F and Bm)

These 2 chords are a little bit challenging, but they are usually used in pop songs. 

The reason why they are challenging is that they are both barre chords


You don’t necessarily need to learn it right away, but you’ll encounter them with some songs you might want to play sooner or later.

F and Bm Chords

Easy F and Bm on Guitar

If you want to go the easy way, you could try the accessible version of these chords. 

But remember:

Later on, in your guitar journey, you’ll still run into these chords, so at least try to practice them.

Barre chords are not easy for beginners, so take your time. Anyways, here is the easy way to play the F chord and Bm chord.

F and Bm Chords easy version

Songs you could try with either F or Bm chords:

Final Words of Advice

These beginner chords will be your stepping stone to becoming an excellent guitar player!


Use the tip of your fingers when pressing the strings and bend your knuckles to avoid muting other strings.

Your thumb should be resting vertically on the back of the guitar neck and should be used to mute the low E-string when necessary.

The trick in changing chords is not to be fast; instead, you should be smooth and direct so that there won’t be any wasted movement.

Your fingernails should be cut short. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to press the strings, or your nail will probably mute the nearby strings.

Above all:

Remembering the chords won’t be based on what you see, preferably on what you feel. 

Thus, you are teaching your fingers muscle memory, which is why the fastest way to memorize all these chords is to keep on practicing!

Last but definitely not least:

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